Travelers Say This Portable Fan Is a ‘Must-have’ for Hot Summer Days — and It’s on Sale Now

September 2, 2022

Now that summer is right around the corner and temperatures are continuing to rise in many places, you’re likely looking for ways to keep cool on hot and sticky days. While you might already have your home stocked with cooling bedding and powerful fans and AC units to beat the heat, it’s often harder to find ways to stay cool while traveling. Luckily, Amazon shoppers seem to have found just the trick with the Tripole Mini Handheld Fan.

Not only has it racked up nearly 9,000 perfect ratings, but the fan also has no shortage of five-star reviews from happy customers who have called it everything from a “game-changer” to a “must-have” item for summer. It’s easy to see why the fan is so popular. Weighing only three ounces, the portable fan is lighter than most smartphones, so it won’t create extra bulk in your bag — making it super easy to pack.

The fan has both high and low-speed settings, and shoppers say “both of them are great” for keeping cool on warm days. Even better, the fan is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing any batteries. It can be charged with a USB cord and owners say the battery lasts a long time. “It’s lasted forever, I have motion sickness and have used it on seven plane flights without having to charge it,” one wrote, before adding, “It’s very powerful.”

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Another reviewer agreed, writing, “I am impressed with how long the battery has lasted. I haven’t had to recharge and [my child] has been using it for a few days — at least 6 hours.” Others rave about how comfortably it fits in their hands thanks to its non-slip handle. One shared that it’s “a perfect size for my hand; the handle is designed in suitable length and width, which is very comfortable to hold.”

While many people have bought the fan to use while they are out and about with multiple saying they bring it “everywhere” with them, others have found other helpful uses at home and on the go.. Some use it to dry their makeup, and others use it to combat hot flashes. No matter what you’re using it for, now is the time to buy. The handheld fan comes in five different colors and each one is on sale right now.

Normally, the personal fan would cost $20, but right now, you can score the yellow version for $19, the black, pink, and white models for $16, and the blue style for just $13. We’re not sure how long the deal will last, so we suggest adding it to your cart ASAP if you want to score it for way less. After all, shoppers say it is “perfect for travel and vacations,” so you’ll want one to beat the heat on your upcoming summer trips.

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