Large Portable Hand Pump Camping Water Filter – Emergency Water Filter Water Purifier System Water Distiller Emergency Portable Filtration for Hiking, Camping (Portable Water Filter)


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  • The emergency water filter system has a large water output, and the water output per minute can reach 1.5L, which is suitable for family camping and multi-person use.
  • The filter’s hand pump adopts a high-precision micro-pressure drop ceramic core check valve, which can better adapt to various impurities in the water and is not easy to fail.(Search for“WORAMUK filter” on thebesttravelgoods, and you can buy a filter to replace)
  • The emergency water filter pump has three layers of filtration, using high-precision PP cotton filter element and ultrafiltration membrane filter element, which can remove 99.99% of impurities in the water(Search for“WORAMUK filter” on thebesttravelgoods, and you can buy a filter to replace)
  • The operation of the water desalinator is simple. Easy to replace and clean the filter element, easy for adults and children to operate
  • The hand pump has a large suction force and a suction range of up to 2 meters, which can easily cope with the wild environment

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Hand Pump Camping Water Filter Electric Portable Water Purifier System

Hand Pump Camping Water Filter

Electric Portable Water Purifier System

Power Manual Electric
Hourly water production 18 gallons 8 gallons
RO filtering N Y
Number of filters 3 3
Filtration precision 0.01um 0.0001um
suction force 2m 3m
direct drink Y Y
removable Y Y
  • Please note:
  • 1.In the water production process of the camping water purifier pump, a certain buffer time is required for water absorption and discharge, so the action of the hand pump should not be too frequent
  • 2.When using the survival water purification system, because there are many unknown impurities at the bottom of the water, try not to let the pre-filter sink into the bottom of the filter Portable water element from clogging quickly.
  • 3.If the camping & hiking water filters needs to be stored for a long time, please clean the residual water inside the machine. Clean the filter element and air dry before storing. For the filter that has not been used for a long time, please sterilize the inside of the machine before using it for the first time.
  • Install and use

1.Install the pre-filter before using the camping water purifier, you need to install the pre-filter system of the water inlet, cut out an appropriate length of the water inlet silicone tube (not greater than 2 meters), and use a clamp on one end of the silicone tube (to prevent the pre-filter from falling off ) Is fixed on the joint of the pre-filter assembly, and the other end of the silicone tube is inserted into the water inlet of the pump.

2.Install the outlet pipe: Take a proper length of outlet pipe and insert it into the outlet pipe joint forcefully. Under normal circumstances, the outlet pipe enters about 2cm.

  • Maintenance of filter element
  • The replacement cycle of the filter element will vary greatly due to different water quality. Under normal circumstances, if you find that the water output is small and the hand pump is relatively difficult to produce water during the operation, you can consider replacing the filter element.

Disassembly and assembly of PP cotton filter

Rotate the PP cotton filter element assembly to a suitable angle, use the adapter wrench to

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